Left Hand Chapel Project

Afternoon sun shining into Left Hand Chapel.
Photo credit: Tobi Cahill

Open For Worship

Left Hand Chapel is ready for in-person worship! Watch our welcome video:

Read our latest blog post for all the details, pandemic precautions we will all be taking, and a link to register to attend on an upcoming Sunday.

Renovations Are Underway

The renovation of Left Hand Chapel is underway. Here are the latest updates (in chronological order):

– Our new coffee car is in place. Now to order the coffee carafes!
– We’ve furnished the space with lots of great secondhand finds to stretch our budget as far as it can go.
– We have flexible seating for 50 ready to go with a mix of low tables, high top tables and some comfy chairs (gifted to us by the UCC Longmont)!
– Our new door, floors and light fixtures are installed.
– Audio equipment is purchased and in use.
– New laminate flooring has been delivered.
– Old carpets have been removed.

We Did It!

Left Hand Chapel is moving swiftly from dream to reality. Since September, your pastoral team and Leadership Council have been working hard to get our lease agreement, renovation plans and budget, and major donor contributions in place.

To renovate and furnish our long-term church home, we need a total of $13,500 (above and beyond your usual giving which sustains our operations) in place by December 15th.

Raised To Date: $13972

  • $5000 Matching Gift: We are delighted to share that we have received a 1:1 matching gift pledge of $5,000 from a major donor within our church community. This means your individual gifts will effectively be doubled.
  • Staff & Leadership Council Gifts: $4655
  • Community Gifts: $4317

Remaining Need: $0, but any remaining chapel gifts that come in will support a larger AV equipment budget as our original goal only included the minimum of used equipment needed to continue a quality live-stream without continuing to rely on borrowed equipment.

Thank you for your generosity, and for such a fast response that allows us to really dig into renovations with all of our needed funds in hand.

When Will The Chapel Be Ready?

We’d love to start using the chapel for small group gatherings in January; including branch meetings, book studies and more. And, of course, we can’t wait to use this new space for our regular worship services as soon as it is safe for us to gather in larger numbers.

How To Support The Chapel Campaign

Please give a dedicated chapel renovation contribution above and beyond your usual giving, which supports our operations, however is best for you,:

  • Submit an online donation through our secure giving platform.
    Select “Chapel” as your giving focus. Note, the bank transfer option incurs no fees.
  • Paypal a donation to http://paypal.me/lefthandchurch.
  • Add a “chapel” note. Note, this is also a fee-less option.
  • Mail a check, payable to Left Hand Church, to:
    Left Hand Church, P.O. Box 385, Longmont, CO 80502.
    Indicate “Chapel” in your notes line.
  • Text a donation to 84321.
    After the $ amount, add a space and then “chapel” (e.g, $5 chapel).

We appreciate gifts of any amount, and are aiming for 100% participation by our local church members.

If you are able to consider a larger matching gift of $1000 or more, please contact john@lefthandchurch.org. We’d be happy to set up a personal tour of the space!

Our Vision For Left Hand Chapel

We are, in partnership with UCC Longmont, renovating the currently unused UCC chapel into our very own community space. Left Hand Chapel will be a 24/7 space for our church community to worship, study and gather in.

Our vision is for a coffee house feel with a variety of tables, sofas and traditional seating around a stage where we can continue to preach original sermons and present fantastic worship music.

We’re dreaming of a comfy and funky space for our community to gather and grow in for years to come.

More About The Costs

Sarah Verasco and the UCC crew removing the carpet.

Our renovations have already begun!

Basic improvements include a 50% cost share with the UCC church for the costs and labor involved in the:

  • removal of some very old carpet
  • installation of laminate flooring and trim
  • electrical updates and new light fixtures
  • installation of sound panels

Once the basic infrastructure improvements have been made, we’ll move on to furnishing it, including:

  • basic AV equipment
  • a floating stage
  • a bookshelf and storage shelves
  • a coffee/communion bar and related supplies
  • a AV tech table
  • stage and uplighting
  • thrifted chairs, pews, couches and tables for coffee-house style seating.

Come (or Zoom in) For A Tour

Follow our Facebook page where we will use Facebook Live to record regular virtual tours of the chapel as the renovations progress.

We also hope to offer in-person tours by household before and after our outdoor Christmas Eve service (details to come!).

Other Ways To Help

In addition to the dollars to get the job done, we’d love help from anyone who wants to be hands on with making Left Hand Chapel a reality.

Email kristie@lefthandchurch.org if you can say yes to any of the below:

  • Do you have a truck, or regular access to one?
  • Are you handy with power tools and DIY home improvement projects?
  • Do you frequent thrift shops and on-line garage sale groups?

We can’t wait to be in community with you in this beautiful new church home!