Breaking Bread Project 2020

This communal communion project was offered during Fall 2020, and is posted here as an on-going resource.

As we head into the colder months, we want to try something new to foster our communion connection. Let’s bake (and break) some bread together!

Since the beginning of the church, Jesus followers have gathered together to break bread and share meals together to remember that Jesus’ body was broken in solidarity and union with the brokenness of humanity.

In this season of social distance, we are seeking to be intentional about fostering real connection in our community. We hope this will be a fun and unifying option to create a common communion element to enjoy together, even from afar.

Basically, we think it would be really powerful to eat from the “same” bread each week as a way for us to be together spiritually. This is also a great way for us to engage with our faith and community beyond just images on a screen, but something to experience, taste, smell, and touch.

And don’t worry, you don’t have to be a master baker! We’ll keep the focus on seasonal and easy recipes, and we welcome recipe suggestions via email.

We’re also going to apply our value of inclusivity to our definition of bread, as well! Some weeks it will be classic bread, other weeks we’ll try seasonal things like pumpkin bread or even holiday cookies.

Please post pictures of your baking and your bread on our Facebook Community Group.

Why Bake Bread With Us?

1) Communion is awesome and sacred
2) We many of us can’t be together in person so we’re offering this as a fun option to have common communion elements each Sunday.
3) We’ll post recipes two weeks out so you have time gather ingredients.
4) Share your ingredients/bread with others!
5) Take pictures and post them on our Facebook Community Group.
6) Listen and reflect on God’s presence as you bake & eat!

A Few Baking Reflections:

  • We highly recommend listening to Patty Griffin’s “Baking Pies” while baking.
  • As you look at the ingredients try to guess how many different people helped to create them (farmer, packager, grocery workers, etc.)
  • Almost all food comes from something that gave a part of its life to nourish us, how does Jesus’ death bring us life?
  • What do you think the bread that Jesus shared with the disciples tasted/smelled like?
  • What do you think it means to be “nourished” by God?
  • How does our community nourish you?

Past Recipes

We have closed out the Breaking Bread project with 2020. Many thanks to all who baked and broke bread (in its many forms) with us during this time of virtual fellowship. You definitely made this year sweeter!

Dec 20: Peanut Butter Kisses

This is our last week of the Breaking Bread Project, and we have loved baking together over these last few months! For our final recipe, we picked a classic Christmas cookie that is perfect to leave out for Santa or share with a neighbor.

Recipe link:

Dec 13: Gingerbread

What says Christmastime more than gingerbread? Double the recipe and bring a loaf to a neighbor who could use some holiday cheer!

Recipe link:

Dec 6: Cranberry Eggnog Bread

This week’s recipe for Cranberry Eggnog bread comes from Andrea Alvarado. We’re making it with some of Longmont Dairy’s Cinnamon Eggnog!

1/2 cup of butter, softened at room temperature
1 cup of sugar
1 egg
2 cups of flour
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup eggnog (dairy free versions work too!)
1 cup cranberries 

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees fahrenheit.  Cream the butter and sugar together at a moderately high speed until well blended, fluffy, and pale yellow. Add the egg and blend together. In a separate bowl, add all dry ingredients together (flour, nutmeg, baking powder, baking soda, and salt). Add the dry ingredient mixture alternatively with the eggnog to the creamed butter. Sift dry ingredients when adding. After the mixture is well blended together, fold in cranberries. Place mixture into a grease loaf pan. Bake for 1 hour or until the center is set and a toothpick insert comes out clean. Serving suggestion: eat with a little spread of salted butter. 

November 29: Herbed Focaccia Bread

This recipe request comes from Andrea Alvarado, and we’ve timed it so it can also be a Thanksgiving side.

Fair warning: this is a really simple yeast-based recipe, but the dough does require an 8-hour rest in the fridge. So, as they say: sleep when the bread sleeps and start it the night before.

Recipe link:

Nov 22: Friendsgiving Pumpkin Pie

Make your communion pie a little early this week! On Friday, 11/20, we’ll be hosting our first ever, church-wide, virtual game night. Join us 11/20, from 6-8pm, for Friendsgiving Trivia Night.

What’s Friendsgiving? It’s a blend of friend and Thanksgiving, and it refers to a special meal eaten with friends either on or near Thanksgiving. Since we can’t gather in-person this year, we’re going to skip the turkey and sides and skip straight to the pumpkin pie. If you are not a baker, buy one!

Bring your favorite beverage and a slice of pie. We’ll play a few rounds of general trivia, with prizes to our winners! Join us via Zoom. See our Events Calendar for details.

Recipe link:

Nov 15: Cast Away Pita Bread

For all you Hamil-fans out there, this week is time to #RiseUp. That’s right, it’s our first recipe with yeast: Cast Away Pita Bread.

You might be asking yourself, why is it named after a Tom Hanks movie about be in isolation on an island? Well, we’re all feeling a little isolated these days and this was the first yeast-based bread recipe our co-pastor Nicole ever tried to make after a somewhat dysfunctional relationship with sourdough starters. When it actually turned out looking like legitimate pitas, she ran around her house yelling, “I HAVE MADE PITA!” much like good old Tom did with fire. Her family quickly deemed it the Cast Away Pita, and the rest is history.

Recipe link:

Nov 8: No Time, No Bake Cookies

Had a nutty week? What could be better than an end of the week dessert made from ingredients you have sitting in your pantry and that never needs to go into the oven? These cookies take just minutes of work; most of the time is spent waiting for them to harden into nutty, chocolaty delight.

Recipe link:

Nov 1: Pumpkin Twix Mini Scones

This week we’re using what we’re all sure to have on hand: leftover Halloween candy! Or make a batch early and “Boo” a friend who is sitting out trick-or-treating with a porch delivery of seasonal sweetness.

Recipe link:

Oct 25: Hurricane Floyd Brown Banana Bread

The bread backstory: This week’s recipe comes from our own Amande Grefski. Their partner at the time was stuck at their job during Hurricane Floyd with nothing but loaves of this bread (with chocolate chips), and it sustained their whole crew until they were allowed to leave. It had been thrown haphazardly in their work freezer for God knows how long and was still good. So, bake it this week and throw some in the freezer for a week when you need some tasty communion to help you weather a storm!

Recipe link:

Oct 18: Cinnamon Sugar Apple Loaf

This cinnamon sugar apple loaf is low maintenance, highly snackable, and 100% as warming, fragrant, and cozy as a simple apple cake should be. Let’s make our kitchens smell like heaven!

Recipe link:

Oct 11: Carrot Cake Loaf w/ Lemon Glaze

This easy, breezy one-bowl loaf cake makes the perfect snack, with a cup of tea on the side.

Recipe link: