Guards & Guides: A Call For New Elders

Call For New Elders

Hi Left Hand family, it’s time to nominate Left Handers to serve one three-year term on our Elder Board (EB)!

The EB is responsible for working with the co-pastors to co-lead the vision and future of Left Hand and for overseeing the financial health of our community. If you were at the February service where we officially became an “Elder Board,” you’ll remember John’s story about hearing from Rob Bell that “people are your resources.” Our church exists because many people participate – show up for services, greet people, preach, connect online, arrange chairs, bring food, pray for each other, lead worship, take care of the budget, lead book discussions, give money, run the tech gear for livestreaming, or post cool sayings on FB. Some of these tasks are done by our wonderful pastors, but a church is, to use Paul’s metaphor, the “Body of Christ,” which means that everyone has a part to play in the health of our community.

Being an Elder is one role in this particular Body of Christ. As our church continues to evolve, Elders serve as the “guards and guides” (to use a phrase from one of our sponsoring churches, Denver Community Church) that keep us anchored in a vision, mission, and purpose (more about these three items coming in the Fall) that reflects the wonderfully welcoming and spiritually nurturing atmosphere that is a result of the messy mixture of all our gifts, weaknesses, and unique identities. (Ask Christy Estoll about her “punk rock tree” metaphor description of Left Hand.) 

Community Nominations

You may nominate anyone, including yourself, to be considered for this role. As you nominate, please consider our Elder Criteria to guide who you think might serve well in this role. Some of our current needs are for people who have skills/experience in meeting facilitation, human resources, legal, and general business, but – most importantly – people who can commit the time and energy needed to fully participate in the Elder Board, as well as in the Left Hand Community.

Nominations are due by May 16th. Please email all nominations to current Elder Board Chair, Lonni Pearce, or fill out a paper nomination at the May 7th or 14th services.  Lonni will reach out after May 16th via email if you get nominated.

Nominees should then review the Elder Criteria and thoughtfully consider their willingness and capacity to fulfill all Elder responsibilities.

Elder Info Session on 6/5/22

There will be an informational meeting for interested nominees on June 5 after the service. (Yep, that’s our first Sunday service of the summer.) Food will be provided by the Elders. (Did we mention that occasional cooking or at least being willing to bring food/beverages is also a strongly supported qualification for being an Elder?)

Interest Forms Due 6/30/22

After attending the information session, nominees will indicate whether they want to be considered for the current vacancies on the Elder Board via email to by June 30th.

Selection Process

This is our first “official” Elder nominating process, so please be patient as we try to develop a process that honors the inclusive, welcoming community that we all love, and also honors our commitment to building a thriving church grounded in wise leadership. 

We will reach out in July if you are chosen to serve in this role at this time, and will send details about both a welcome dinner in August and our September 10th annual Elder Retreat.

If you have questions or would like to talk more about the Elder Board, please feel free to contact any Elder:

August Alvarado

Brenda Carmody

Christy Estoll

John Gaddis

Lonni Pearce