A Season of Endings, Beginnings & Blessings

The holiday season is upon us. Throughout my adult life, I have always tended to look to December as the end of something, not the beginning of something new. I wanted a clean break between December and the new year. For instance, I’ve always kept my travel schedule memorized for about three months in advance, with one exception. In the middle of December, don’t ask me about my schedule in early January, because I haven’t committed it to memory. I don’t start thinking about January until the week after Christmas. December is just too busy to
think much about January.

There’s plenty to look forward to this December. For one, we as a community just raised $7551 in year end gifts, which were generously matched in full by a private donor. That makes a total of $15,102 raised in five days! Thank you all for that collective and generous response to our Giving Tuesday campaign to help sustain the operations of our vibrant community.

Coming up at Left Hand Church, we will have our contemplative service on Thursday evening, December 9, our Christmas Party Potluck/Open Mic Night immediately after church on December 12, our online contemplative service on December 16 and our Christmas Eve service at 4:00 PM in the main sanctuary just down the hallway from the Left Hand Chapel. That’s all in addition to our normal weekly 5:00 PM Sunday worship services, and our 6:00 PM Wednesday evening prayer gatherings.

There’s plenty to look forward to during the Christmas season, but this year I also want to start thinking about January. Why? There are reasons. First, beginning on Saturday evening, January 1, we will return to Saturday services at 5:00 PM, which will continue through the month of May, when we’ll return to Sunday services for the summer months. We’ll be reminding you of the change all month, but why not get an early start, right?

Second, as we begin to plan for 2022, it will be greatly helpful to us if we are able to have a good idea of what our financial circumstances will look like in the coming year. Just as most of us work from a budget at home, we also work from a budget at Left Hand Church. And while we do pretty well budgeting expenses, we also need to budget income.

We believe in the good work this church is doing, and in our ability to provide you with meaningful worship, great children’s programming, a weekly youth program, and all the other services that make your spiritual life here vibrant. While we are pretty good at accomplishing a lot for a little, we cannot do any of it without your help.

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to take a commitment card home and put it on your refrigerator, to pray for what you can give to Left Hand this coming year. On Sunday evening, December 5, we will collect those cards so we can have a better idea just how much good we can do in 2022. If you forget to bring your commitment card back with you, we’ll have additional cards on hand. You can also print one out below. We will also continue to receive commitment cars through the end of the month, so we can enter January with the best possible projection of how the new year will unfold.

We know you love Left Hand Church. We here on staff, and your leadership, love it too. We’re excited this holiday season, and we’re even more excited about what is in store for this church in 2022. We can’t wait to enter the
new year with you.

In Christ,
For the Left Hand Pastors

Print A Commitment Card

Don’t have a copy of our 2022 Commitment Card? You can print one below to consider and return to us on Sunday, 12/5/21.