A Pandemic Request

Our church focuses on loving God, loving our neighbors, and loving ourselves. 

With the recent rise of Covid-19 in Boulder County, we want to make sure we’re focusing on loving our neighbors well. Part of that is looking out for the most vulnerable people in our church community. 

Throughout the pandemic we have continued to follow Boulder County’s public health orders and guidance. Today we ask an additional request of our community.

When you’re making your decision about whether to vaccinate or not, we ask that you keep in mind the protection of our most vulnerable. 

Similarly, if you’re an unvaccinated adult, we ask that you keep our most vulnerable in mind when you make the decision whether to physically worship with us here, or whether you worship with us online.

We commit to continuing to offer robust worship, programming and pastoral care options both in person and online. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our current in person precaution requirements and requests, please reach out to paula@lefthandchurch.org.