God Commands Us To Party: How About Saturday?

This Sunday, we are going to wrap up our Direction’s sermon series with a look upward at the important role of celebration in our personal and community life.

Throughout the Scriptures, celebrating and affirming the goodness of God, and taking time to feast and worship and celebrate and worship was central to God’s world. You might say, God sometimes commands us to party. We’ll talk more about that on Sunday, but for now let’s apply it to our weekend!

Celebrate With Us This Saturday

Join us tomorrow for Left Hand’s first ever annual Baptism Celebration, followed by our August Community Dinner.

We already have a group of folks who are planning to be baptized, and welcome others who feel moved to step forward in the moment.

We also look forward to having many of you there as witnesses to this deeply personal commitment on the part of these community members to following the way of Christ – to love God, love their neighbors, and love themselves.

We will gather at the Flanders Park pavilion, on the shores of McIntosh Lake in Longmont, at 5:30 MT for a few short words and then a walk down to the water’s edge for our baptisms. It’ll be short, and very sweet.

And, then? We party! After the baptisms, we’ll flow right into our community potluck.

Please bring:
– a main and/or side to share (no grill this time)
– non-alcoholic beverages (no alcohol allowed in the park)
– bathing suits, towel, paddle boards or kayaks or other floatie-type things if you want to get out on the water.

Come as you are, and feel free to invite others. Let’s see summer off together in Left Hand style!