We’re Wide Open, No Reservations Needed

One Open 5pm Worship Service Starting 5/23/21

Following recent updates to both Boulder County and state of Colorado guidance, we will move to open worship beginning on 5/23/21 without the need for advance registration.

Beginning this Sunday, our in person and live stream worship will combine into a single service at 5pm MT.

For our in person worship, we will follow a few simple guidelines:

  • fully vaccinated people are welcome to go without masks inside the chapel
  • unvaccinated people are asked to continue wearing masks while inside (and refrain from singing) to protect our least protected
  • social distancing will not be required, but we will provide a couple of rows of seating towards the back of the chapel with social distance for those would like to keep it

Youth Ministry, for 5th graders through high schoolers, will meet weekly starting 5/23. Activities will be outside (weather permitting) or in the large fellowship hall with doors open for air exchange. Unvaccinated youth are asked to wear masks whenever meeting inside.

Children’s Ministry programming will resume weekly on Sunday, June 6th for 5th graders and younger. Details TBD.


I already made a reservation for the 5/23 service. Do I need to cancel it?
No, no action is needed. We are no longer using the advance reservation system.

I’m vaccinated, but I want to keep wearing my mask. Is that ok?
Of course, anyone who would like to mask up is absolutely welcome to keep doing that.

Is it okay to invite friends and neighbors now?
Absolutely, we would love to spread some Left Hand love. Let your friends and neighbors know we are wide open and would love for them to come check out our great music and original teachings!

Will seating be at tables like it has been?
We will have a blend of seating at tables and other chairs without social distance. We will also keep a couple of rows in the back of the chapel that offer seating at social distance for those who would like to keep it.

Will the live stream service be different?
Yes, probably a little. We will be working to have our cameras, light and sound still provide the intimate live stream experience we have all come to love, but there will likely need to be some accommodations given that there will now be an audience in the room. Pardon our progress as we find a great balance for everyone in our beloved community, near and far!

Will there still be Front of Church Chat?
Carl and Gwen plan to keep hosting a Zoom call for virtual connection at 6pm MT, just after the service. So, front of church chat will simply become back of church chat!

I have other questions and concerns. Who should I ask?
Feel free to reach out to any member of our pastoral team with questions or concerns:

Kristie Sykes, Co-Pastor
Nicole Vickey, Co-Pastor  
John Gaddis, Co-Pastor  
Paula Williams, Co-Pastor