In-Person Worship Plan

How To Join Us & What To Expect

General COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

We’ll have protocols in place informed by the guidelines set forth by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and the Governor’s Office to do our best to provide a safe in-person worship experience.

We strongly recommend that those who are at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 continue worshipping with us online.

Please stay home if you or anyone else in your household has tested positive or had a known exposure to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or are experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, sore throat, chills, headache.

Indoor In-person Worship + Virtual Worship

Beginning 4/11, we will offer two separate worship services, one with a limited in-person audience and one live-streamed for virtual participants.

We will gather in-person at 5pm MST in Left Hand Chapel, and then film and live-stream a virtual service at 6:30pm MST.

Worship Inside Left Hand Chapel

Please find details for our 5pm in-person worship service starting 4/11/21 below:

  • Limited In-person Audience: We will also host an in-person audience of about 25-28 attendees. 
  • In-person Registration Required: Registration is required to attend in-person. Use the registration link below to sign up to attend.
  • Seating By Household Or Bubble: You will be asked to register for seating at tables by household or with those that you have been seeing in-person on a regular basis (your “bubble”). We have 8 tables available, so appreciate your help coordinating with your household or bubble to have one person make a reservation for your group.
  • Temperature Screening: We will take temperatures at the door. If you have a fever, you will be asked to return home and participate in our service online.
  • Masks: Masks are required for all attendees. 
  • Social Distance: Please maintain 6 feet of space, or more, between yourself and others not in your household or bubble at all times. Seating will also be arranged at least 25ft from presenting speakers and singers, who will be masked except when they are singing or speaking.   
  • Singing & Hugging: This is a weird one, and we can’t wait to not have to have this restriction. For now, if you are not yet fully vaccinated, please hold off on singing and hugging to err on the side of protection and love for other unvaccinated folks in the room. Elbow bumps and dancing for the interim win!
  • Communion: Individual communion elements will be provided at your table.
  • No Outside Food/Drink: We ask that you refrain from bringing outside food or drink, and from eating or drinking while inside the chapel outside of taking communion elements (which will be provided). 
  • Children’s Ministry: During this hybrid phase, Children’s Ministry programming will not be offered. Children may join their families at our service, but must be registered to attend and will be expected to be able to follow the above protocols.
  • Youth Ministry: During this hybrid phase, Youth Ministry will be offered intermittently for 5th grade and up, not during services. Follow our Youth social accounts for dates & details: Lefthand Youth Instagram and Youth Group Facebook group 

How Do I Register To Attend An Upcoming Service?

As mentioned above, the seating inside Left Hand Chapel has been arranged to accommodate 28 people across 8 socially distanced tables:

Tables set at social distance for seating by household or bubble.

Registration is required to attend in this phase.

Please make a reservation for a table on an upcoming Sunday using the link below, for the number of people attending from your household or bubble:

Questions or problems? Email

What’s the chapel like?

Watch our Welcome To Left Hand Chapel video.

When Will We Fully Open Up?

We are monitoring public health data and guidance closely, and hope to begin more flexible in-person worship sometime this summer when most of our community has had the opportunity to be vaccinated. Stay tuned for details!

Will you still live-stream the service?

Yes, but our Virtual Service will now live-stream via Facebook at 6:30pm MT.

Gwen Steel & Carl Anderson will also be hosting a “Front of Church Chat” time for virtual socializing via Zoom at 6pm MT, before each service. Details can be found at:

How will non-worship programming work?

We plan to keep a mix of virtual and in-person programming going.

Virtual programming will continue to include:

  • weekly Wednesday Prayer Gatherings
  • weekly Front of Church Chat
  • monthly Virtual Branch Meetings
  • periodic Book Studies

We’re hoping to be able to resume community dinners and other in-person programming in the chapel and outside over the summer. Stay tuned for details!

If you would like to organize some virtual or in-person programming, please email