A Response To Yesterday’s Shooting In Boulder

These are times that try people’s souls. We do not have the words to express the heaviness in our hearts at the senseless tragedy that came into our community yesterday afternoon.

While everyone in our Left Hand Church family is okay, we do have members, family and friends who were at that King Sooper’s yesterday, who work there regularly and one of the counselors affiliated with our church has a friend directly affected by the tragedy. This was close, and it compounds the mystifying confusion we feel about easy access to firearms, and the angry men who continually wreak havoc on our fragile nation.

I spoke on Sunday about the tendency of humans to behave in groups in ways in which we would never behave on our own, and about the importance of exercising agency, “because the line between good and evil runs straight through the human heart.” What happened yesterday in South Boulder is of a different substance. It is pure evil, and it continues to tragically unfold before our eyes because our nation cannot seem to find the resolve to stop it.

We pray earnestly for Officer Talley’s friends and family, for the families of the other nine community members who lost their lives, for the Boulder Police, for the King Sooper’s employees, for all those who were traumatized by this senseless killing. As a church, we will do everything we can to bring healing, peace, and comfort to our community.

Our Wednesday Prayer Gathering tomorrow will hold space for prayers for these souls and the processing of this trauma. Get details and a Zoom link to join us here: https://fb.me/e/zVYuGtJv.

– Kristie, John, Nicole, and Paula
Your Left Hand Co-Pastors