Left Hand Lent Project

We’re excited to launch our first ever Left Hand Lent project!

Missed Sunday’s Sermon?

Listen to our sermon from 2/14/21 all about how Lent is typically practiced today, a little history of how Lenten traditions have evolved through the centuries, and how we here at Left Hand might make Lent a modern and meaningful practice for our community.

In summary, we’re proposing that instead of giving up coffee or wine this Lent, each of us could choose to give up one habit that keeps us from loving God, neighbor or self.

Think about what stands between you and loving yourself. Maybe it’s the habit of only loving the easy parts of ourselves.

Or, what stands between you and loving your neighbor? Maybe it’s the habit of choosing who to love.  

And, what stands between you and loving God? Maybe it’s the idea that loving God always comes easily. 

We want to collectively give up things that will help break down the walls that stand between us and love. Because, love is our work here. 

Got questions? Give the sermon a listen on our podcast, or watch our live-stream. Then, read on for how you can join in a church-wide project to observe Lent and support two great community partners in the process.

The Left Hand Lent Project

We invite you to participate in a church-wide observance of Lent.

If you want to join us, here’s how:
  1. Think of one habit you want to practice giving up this Lent towards better loving God, neighbor or self. 
  2. Put a value on each instance that you give that up between now and Easter. That can be whatever you are able to give: a quarter, a dollar, or maybe the cost of a cup of coffee. 
  3. Mark down each time you give that habit up. For example, let’s say you give up joining in gossip about your neighbors. Observe yourself pull back from those conversations, and mark each instance down.
  4. We’ll contribute our collective “love money” via to a group gift from the Left Hand community to two great causes.

Who Is Our “Love Money” For?

We’ve identified two great community partners to receive support from our Lent Project.

1) Middle Collegiate Church
Middle Collegiate Church is one of the oldest and most influential churches in New York City and the United States. Led by Jacqui Lewis, the church is one of the most culturally, racially, and socio-economically diverse churches in the nation, with an outsize influence that has served as a bright beacon to so many of us as we navigate through the waters of systemic racism and class injustice. 

Just a few weeks after Paula preached for the second time for the church, the beautiful Middle Church building was destroyed by an electrical fire. Dedicated to rebuilding, the church is reaching out to like-minded believers across the nation to provide financial help to the rebuilding project. Left Hand wants to be among those supportive partners.

2) Black Lives Matter Freedom School
Many of you are familiar with our other local community partner, the Freedom School project of the Denver chapter of Black Lives Matter. 

BLM 5280 Freedom School is an out-of-school program in Denver metro that teaches children to become racially literate, advocate for themselves and others, and critically challenge white supremacy.

Left Hand has supported Freedom School through our recent holiday drive to collect craft supplies and books for their upcoming sessions. We’d like to continue that support through our Lent Project.

Learn more about Freedom School:


How Can I Contribute Some Love?

The best way to earmark a contribution for the Lent Project is to PayPal it to us, and add the note “Lent” in the description:


Contribute weekly, or in one lump sum, by Easter and we’ll announce our collective gift amount at our Easter service.

Thanks for joining us in this small way of is individually loving better, and collectively loving these two great neighbors of ours!