Join Us On Ash Wednesday

Lent begins next week! This Sunday, we’ll share more about the traditions of Lent, and talk about what we hope this season might become for our community. For now, save the date for a special prayer service.

Join us next Wednesday, 2/17, at 6pm via Zoom to kick off Lent at Left Hand with a special Ash Wednesday Prayer Service.

It’s been a hard season. It’s been a year of many losses. Some of us are grieving the loss of loved ones. Many of us are grieving the loss of normalcy, friendships, jobs, pets and more. At this special prayer service, we will hold space for those losses. 

It will be a time of spoken and contemplative prayer, and a special song from our own Haley Rhey!

See details and Zoom link:

It’s A Service For Sharing

We’d also love for it to be a time where you can give voice to your losses. Please email by 2/15/21 if you would like to either:

  • have a loss named in a prayer offered up by one of our pastors, or
  • share directly about a loved one who has passed away.

Come With A Candle

For any who would like to participate, we will close with a virtual placing of ashes on our foreheads. If you’d like to do that, please have a candle and lighter on hand.

Roll Right Over To Storydwelling At 7pm

This service will be immediately followed by Heatherlyn’s Storydwelling Show with Dr. Stephany Rose Spaulding, focused on truth and conciliation. She’d love for you to roll on out of this special service into this special episode of her show. Details about this Storydwelling event can be found at: