Meet Our Youth & Children Team

As we look ahead to being able to gather in-person, we’re laying the groundwork for strong Youth and Children’s Ministry programs. We’re thrilled to introduce what we’re calling our Youth & Children’s dream team:

  • Magen Weinheimer, Co-Children’s Minister
  • Brittney Morrell, Co-Children’s Minister
  • Justin Cain, Youth Minister

Read on to hear more from each of them about what drew them to their ministry and their vision for the year ahead.

Magen Weinheimer
Co-Children’s Minister

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

In addition to joining the Left Hand team as Co-Children’s Minister with her wife, Brittney, Magen is also a Home Care Coordinator for a Homecare Agency in Denver. She grew up near Austin, Texas and received her BA in Exercise and Sports Science from Texas State University. Magen enjoys providing care for the elderly and brightening their day.

Growing up, she was heavily involved in the Catholic Church and leading the children and youth in the community. From leading Sunday school, retreats, and summer programs, she has always felt called to be connected with the youth.

Magen enjoys any hobby outdoors with her wife, Brittney, and their pup, Ziggy. She also loves drives through the mountains and hopes to have a home with a great view of them one day. Magen is excited to be a part of a church that shows love, light, and promotes healing for the LGBTQ+ community and all others.

What drew you to Children’s Ministry? 
I have always felt pulled to Children’s ministry and have been involved in the ministry since I was young.  I am grateful to use this calling for this church to show love and my passion for serving others. 

Tell us about your vision for our Children’s ministry? 
My vision for Left Hand’s Children’s ministry is to have a place where the children can come to have fun and learn about a God that is filled with love. I want to make sure to follow the vision of the church where the children know that you are welcomed with open hands anytime. 

What can we as community members do to help you? 
I believe the biggest thing the community members can do is to provide support. Support to the children, youth, staff, and volunteers. Whether you stop by after church to see how a staff member is doing, to volunteering at the next children or youth outing, and or sharing smiles and waves with the children, we will all benefit and feel the support! 

Brittney Morrell
Co-Children’s Minister

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Brittney continues her awesome work with the Left Hand team in a new role as Co-Children’s Minister with her wife, Magen. Brittney will be serving as a bridge between our Youth and Children’s programs, helping to both facilitate our Youth volunteering with our younger participants and easing the transition of those older elementary age participants who are ready to move up to Youth Ministry.

Brittney was born and raised in Southeast Texas and began her journey of following Jesus when she was 16 years old. It wasn’t long after her experience that she knew she wanted to be in the ministry. When she was 18, she began leading retreats, summer camps, and domestic and international mission trips for students.

Brittney graduated from Texas State University with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. However, during her college years she was compelled to reexamine her beliefs and understanding of God. That lit another fire beneath her to pursue ministry. She has witnessed people first-hand in the LGBTQ community losing their faith and she and her wife, Magen, wanted to be a light stand for them.

Being a major fan of Colorado since she was a kid, Brittney persuaded Magen to move to Denver in 2018. Ever since, you can bet that they have been hiking, camping, and skiing as much as they can! Brittney is very excited for the opportunity to be a part of Left Hand in a community that cares deeply about grace, love, and healing.

What drew you to Children’s Ministry? 
I’d argue that what we learn about God whenever we are young has profound impacts on how we view him in adulthood. I’ve always been drawn to serving the youth because I was to be a source of compassion and understanding. I want to provide a safe space for questions and doubt, and to give a fresh perspective on what church can be.

Tell us about your vision for our Children’s ministry? 
I’m excited for this opportunity of getting to serve as a bridge between the Youth and Children’s ministry. I think this gives us a unique opportunity to ease worries when our students transfer from the children’s ministry to youth. My vision is to create a safe, fun space where they can learn the vast love of God, and what it means to love your neighbor, love God, and love yourself.

What can we as community members do to help you? 
I think the community members could help us by showing support by volunteering their time and skills. I think it’s important for the students to witness adults taking the time to invest in them. It’s crucial for our students to feel supported by a community that has their back.

Justin Cain
Youth Minister

Pronouns: He/Him/His

In addition to joining the Left Hand team as Youth Minister (and winning the most-goofy-Youth-Minister-profile-photo award with the help of his daughter’s photoshop skills), Justin is currently employed as a Manager in the automotive industry and has worked in many different facets of the field from customer service to programming to consulting with multinational manufacturers.

He continues to enjoy his work as it was his first true passion. Justin earned his degree in automotive engineering from the Lincoln Institute.  Justin is also pursuing a degree, although painfully slowly, in psychology and counseling.

Other than spending time with his wife of 15+ years, Kristi, and two beautiful daughters, Justin most enjoys learning new things. He spends his free time watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, reading scientific journals just to learn about things that he can’t understand one sentence of. He also enjoys sports of all types from football to and soccer to ultimate and competitive cherry seed spitting. He also enjoys the nerdlier pursuits of comic books, video games, and tabletop RPGs.

Justin was born and raised in the Longmont area. Justin, while not growing up in a religious household, did attend churches of many different faiths throughout his childhood and teen years as part of his never ending pursuit of knowledge and belonging. Justin found a faith home at Left Hand where he can explore and share in the ridiculous and radical love and grace that Jesus preached, and that is open to all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Justin has served as a volunteer  youth coach, a mentor in schools, and in church youth and children’s programming for several years now. Justin sees Matthew 20:28 as his guiding principal in ministry and seeks to serve and exalt children and youth as well as all other marginalized communities within the church.

What drew you to Youth Ministry? 
I had volunteered in a few different capacities within the Lefthand community before landing in youth ministry.  Having a background in service work with children and youth I knew that was always a calling of mine, and when there became a vacancy in the youth pastor position I happily offered my time. I am of the firm belief that the youth of our church are ultimately our path towards progress in Christianity and in the world writ large. These students are deserving of our celebration, of having their voices heard, and being put on the path to make the changes they want to see in the world now. 

Tell us about your vision for our Youth ministry? 
My vision for Lefthand Youth as we move forward once in-person is possible again is that we can really start to have fun as part of the body of Christ again. That our bonds will connect us and give us the ability to reach out to the people that are in need of the gracious love of God. So that we can grow in numbers but also in Gods love for us. 

What can we as community members do to help you? 
Pray. Please, with all your might, pray. If you know any teens in your life, reach out to them. Youth mental health, especially marginalized and at risk youth,  during this time of quarantine has been a great concern. Let them know that there is a place of unconditional belonging here.