New November Book Study

Read & Discuss On-line All Month

Throughout the month of November, we’ll be reading Chief Left Hand by Margaret Coel.

Rather than meet weekly to review specific chapters, we’re going to read collectively-but-independently all month long and meet once on 12/3 from 6-8pm to discuss. Throughout the month, we’ll have some discussion on-line. Join our Left Hand Book Study Facebook Group.

Please invite your history-loving friends and family to join us! We already have several non-Left Hand Church folks participating and would love more.

Why This Study Matters

As a church committed to racial reconciliation, it is our intent for our name to honor Chief Nawath, translated Left Hand, after whom Left Hand Creek and Left Hand Canyon are named. Chief Nawath, was a leader of the Southern Arapaho people in what is now called the Boulder Valley. Even though their land was protected by treaty from white intruders, during the Colorado Gold Rush, Chief Nawath welcomed prospectors into their territory. Despite his generosity he was among those slaughtered by the Third Colorado Cavalry in the infamous Sand Creek Massacre.

We chose our name based on a geographic reference grounded in the area where our church community is centered; as is Left Hand Creek, Left Hand Canyon and many local establishments. We wanted to honor both the land and the incredible man for whom these places are named. 

In our thorough social and spiritual work towards understanding our privilege and our responsibility to the community,  we now realize that despite good intentions our name partakes of at least some facets of cultural appropriation. Respecting and honoring diversity is a foundational pillar of our ethos and church community, and we understand our responsibility to investigate this further.

As a congregation, we are making thoughtful and deliberate steps to work towards honor, out of our deep respect for the Southern Arapaho nation and the great Chief Nawath.

This book study is a step in that process of examination and education, in hopes that we can become a supportive community partner to the Southern Arapaho nation. We ask that as many of our community join us as possible.

Join Us For An Author Q&A On 12/3

On Thursday, 12/3 from 6-8pm we will gather via Zoom socialize, summarize and discuss the book.

We’re delighted to announce that Margaret Coel, the author, will join us for a 30 minute Q&A as part of our 12/3 gathering!

See our events calendar for the Zoom link and details.

If you have a question you would like to submit for the Q&A, please email

Short On Time, But Still Interested?

If you can’t commit to reading the entire book this month, but still want to be part of this important discussion we’ve created a 7-page summary that you can download and review before our discussion.