We’re Heading Indoors

This Sunday, we’ll be heading inside for the colder months to film our services thanks to the generosity of UCC Longmont.

We’ll be streaming these services as usual, via Facebook Live, while we get settled into all the state guidelines and safety protocols for indoor worship.

Our Indoor Worship Plan

The staff and Leadership Council have worked to create an intentional and flexible plan to return to in-person indoor worship, defined by three stages:

Stage 1Outdoor Worship
This is the stage that we have just wrapped up with our last outdoor service this past Sunday. This stage involves outdoor, socially-distant, masked services with small audiences.

Stage 2: Indoor Filming 
We will move into Stage 2 this weekend, on October 11th, with indoor filming in the UCC Longmont. During this stage we will film with our crew, essential staff and a small handful of attendees. We we will also get used to implementing state requirements inside, including taking extra precautions with sanitation, temperature taking upon entry, creating contact tracing logs, etc. In this stage, Left Hand is still primarily an on-line church.

Stage 3Indoor Worship
We are not yet sure when we will move into Stage 3. This stage will be a more open invite to attend inside services, following all state COVID-related safety requirements. We are considering public health metrics like Boulder County’s % positivity rate and/or availability of rapid testing. The timeline for this stage will be continually revisited with intention and will be defined by date and public health guidelines/recommendations.

Zoom Into Church With Us

Starting October 11th, we will offer the option of joining our co-pastor, Nicole, in a Zoom room where our live stream service will be screen shared.

For those of us who are craving being at church together, we hope this will provide a vibrant virtual version of that. We’ll exchange peace and take communion together. The Zoom chat will be turned off, and all will be encouraged to continue to comment on the Facebook Live Stream.

In lieu of the Back of Church Chat, we’ll have this zoom room open for 15 minutes before and after the service to allow for some social time on the way in and out of church.

Join us each Sunday at 4:45pm. Join the Zoom room.

Break Bread With Us

October 11th will also be the start of our Breaking Bread Project.

As we head into the colder months, we want to try something new to foster our communion connection. Let’s bake (and break) some bread together!

Since the beginning of the church, Jesus followers have gathered together to break bread and share meals together to remember that Jesus’ body was broken in solidarity and union with the brokenness of humanity.

In this season of social distance, we are seeking to be intentional about fostering real connection in our community. We hope this will be a fun and unifying option to create a common communion element to enjoy together, even from afar.

Get this week’s recipe.

While this pandemic season is keeping us temporarily at distance, we are actively seeking fun ways for our community to engage virtually through the winter. Think virtual game nights, mid-day meditative prayers and more. If you come across a fun idea, we’d welcome hearing about it via email!