Meet Haley

This profile is part of an on-going series to help the members of our funky, fully affirming little church continue to get to know each other.

Five Questions For Haley

  1. What’s Your Story?
    I’d like to preface this that I’m referencing Hollys post to make sure I don’t ramble and get off track, but that is highly likely.

    I am from Massillon, Ohio. My parents still live about 15 minutes from where I grew up. Although I’m hoping with a few more trips post-COVID, both Hollys parents and my parents will start planning their retirement moves to Colorado (that’s our big plan). Holly and I decided to move to Colorado to fulfill a dream we both had prior to even meeting each other. To be in the mountains, live somewhere more liberal, thrive in an active lifestyle and to make it our home.

    My journey has been fruitful. The good the bad and the ugly I can look back now and think, “thank god that happened”. My family is pretty much my favorite thing in the whole world. If I had it my way, they’d all live here, two houses down (Holly agrees, she just doesn’t know it yet).

    As for my past, I went to college originally at Ashland University where I unknowingly lived two dorm rooms down from Miss Holly James. Apparently god had different plans for when we’d meet because Holly didn’t enter my life until 7 years later.

    After a mishap with the law and a self-check in character and A LOT of guitar, I transferred schools to Bowling Green State University for a fresh start. After a lot of self navigating and discovery, some not so good grades, the discovery of multiple learning disabilities, new medication and lots of beer and other choice substances, I decided to change my course and be a part of something larger than myself. I joined the Air Force. I became a fighter pilot and have set many really…really impressive records. Just kidding, I’m just a gear head – an Aircraft Structural Mechanic, but I love it and wouldn’t change that for the world. The military is now my part-time gig since I live so far from my unit (still in Ohio).

    I work in Boulder and live in Lafayette and am thankful everyday I wake up and have coffee next to my fiancé that I was so lucky to cross paths with again.

  2. What Talents Or Expertise Are You Willing To Share With Us?
    We fill our days with music, friends, dogs, kayaking, fishing, yard work, exploring this beautiful state and a little bit of guitar. Our favorite thing is to be around good people, have good conversation and just enjoy a really good moment every chance we can. This is when I’ll make my plug: if anyone ever wants to meet at a cidery, brewery, patio, porch, tailgate, we’re your gals.

  3. What Role Does Faith Play In Your Life During Difficult Times? 
    Faith has always been in my life in a small hidden way. I always knew god was there, I’d talk out loud to him. This is as far as I ever got with faith until recently. And I’m ok with that! I’m excited for the role faith is taking in my life since finding Left Hand and diving into this with Holly.

  4. What Do Your Days Look Like During COVID?
    While stuck at home during COVID, I made some splendid cocktails, baked some really good bread and enjoyed the company of the love of my life and my dogs.

    Being the 7 personality I am, during covid I’ve made some really big plans for chickens this spring, bees this fall, buying a van and gutting it and rebuilding it for weekend trips, tossed around the idea of buying a boat….all really attainable things. But to Hollys point, we just bought a house, so I will revel in that. And, continue making that a home over the next few seasons.

  5. How Are You Staying Connected To Your Loved Ones? 
    Since COVID has graced us with its presence, I’ve talked to more family and friends more often than I ever have. I’ve stayed connected through FaceTime, House Party, Zoom, socially-distant porch margaritas, all the things. I appreciate being nominated for this and look forward to reading about all of the folks in this community.

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