Join Us For A Book Study On Anti-Racism

by Julie Hatfield, who is leading our upcoming book study of How To Be An Antiracist.

This post is part of the on-going work of Left Hand Church’s Anti-Racism Education & Action Group, which meets on 2nd and 4th Thursdays via Zoom.

Anti-Racism Is A Practice Of Being Uncomfortable

As a white person, I don’t feel entirely comfortable leading a book study on anti-racism. I think feeling that way is ok. Anti-racism is a practice in being uncomfortable. I am definitely uncomfortable, especially now that I better understand the extent to which my complacency with racial injustice and systemic racism was also uncomfortable. 

In his book, How To Be An Antiracist, Dr. Kendi is quick to point out his own racism from his past. He talks about it in a way that is comforting to those of us who sometimes recoil at the memories of our less antiracist pasts. Dr. Kendi further gifts us with an incredible guide to recognizing, confronting, and dismantling racism so that we may someday thrive in a truly antiracist society.

Join Us To Continue This Vital Work Of Self Education

This four-part book study will be an extension of the Left Hand Anti-Racism group. In our first meeting, we will discuss the first four chapters of the book and determine as a group how to proceed with the remaining chapters for the following sessions. 

This book study will be informal and will rely on everyone’s participation in group discussions each week rather than a set lecture as we all grow together in our journey toward being antiracists. 

The same group agreements for the Anti-Racism group will apply to these book study meetings.

  • Be brave enough to speak freely and humble enough to be corrected.
  • None of us are experts – be open, avoid judgment
  • Assume positive intent, be curious
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Practice humility
  • Don’t talk over people or interrupt
  • Keep a sense of humor
  • Expect to be uncomfortable and have non-closure, as that’s where we grow

Left Hand invites you to embrace the discomfort and take a brave leap as faithful questioners of this country’s actions and policies that have been kept in place to ensure racism continues at a systemic level. May we then be bold enough to ask ourselves what we plan to do about it.

Get Your Copy Now, Join Us This Thursday

We’d love to see you this Thursday, September 10th, via Zoom for our first book study discussion. To join us, we ask you to take three easy steps:

  1. Join our Left Hand Anti-Racism Group On Facebook.
    This Facebook group is where we have online discussion and collectively post additional resources for anti-racism self-education and action.
  2. Join us for our first book study meeting, this Thursday, 9/10, from 6-7:30pm.
    Call details can be found on our events calendar. We will have social time from 6-6:30, and will jump into discussing chapters 1-4 from 6:30-7:30pm.
  3. If you don’t already have a copy, order it here and download the study guide.

Have questions? Email our book study leader, Julie Hatfield.