Meet Katie Schell Gaddis

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Tell us your story.
I grew up in Longmont and haven’t really left except for college when I was in Boulder, attending CU. I have been “in the church” my entire life and felt mostly fulfilled in my journey up until about five years ago. My husband, Chris, and I started to really question a lot of the messages being pushed out at our church. Our four children (Aiden, Cole, Ty, & Griffin) were growing up and all starting to ask us more questions about the Bible, and more specifically God’s love. I found myself frustrated and upset by the answers I would give them because I didn’t believe in them. It really challenged us to search our hearts and find a place we could call home. My brother and sister-in-law had started attending Left Hand and invited us to come with them. I knew Jen quite well and had always enjoyed Paula’s sermons, so I was looking forward to seeing some familiar and friendly faces. I will never forget my first Left Hand service. I cried the ENTIRE time. My emotions were completely out of control. I will never forget the overwhelming feeling of peace, love, and acceptance I felt from that first moment. It felt like coming home.

What role does your faith play in your life during difficult times?
Over the last few years my faith has really given me the courage to give myself more grace. My entire life, I have been really hard on myself. Rarely do I think to myself that I have done something well or I should be proud of myself. I am so thankful for God’s grace and mercy and love. Knowing that I have God’s unconditional love and acceptance has been a game changer for me. The old me was consumed with proving to God that I was worthy. Now I feel like I can focus on loving myself and others, allowing me to receive acceptance for myself.

What do your days look like under the stay at home orders?
Oh my, well I am home with four boys and two puppies, so our days are quite crazy. For the first couple of weeks, I had a horrible attitude about being stuck at home with the kids 24/7. As the days went on I began to realize that this time with my boys is a gift. My oldest will be a senior next year, and I have been really sad about him graduating and starting the next phase of life. I am so so so thankful for this time I have had with him and all my boys. I am actually surprised that I am enjoying this lifestyle.

How are you staying connected to your loved ones and community?
I text with my mom about 100 times a day. And we talk to each other on the phone every morning and night. I miss my friends terribly. Oh Left Hand family, I can’t wait to see all of you! 

What special skills, talents or expertise are you willing to share with our community? 
I can’t think of a specific skill or talent that is super unique or special but I will say that I think I am a really good friend! Relationships are my jam and I love loving people. 

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