Vision Night

Join Us For Our August Vision Night

Hello Left Hand Community! This summer is moving along, and it has been an eventful one in so many ways. While we know this has been a challenging and unprecedented time for all of us, we are so excited at how God is moving in our community.  

We are blessed in many, many ways and there’s so much for which I’m grateful: I’m grateful for the continuing sacred space that we experience each Saturday at 5pm (MST time, that is, for Left Handers in other time zones!) and the worship that Heatherlyn leads us in with grace and humor. I’m grateful for the expansion of our community to include many who are geographically dispersed, but who have chosen to show up and participate in Left Hand’s conversations and gatherings. And I’m grateful for the collaborative partnership that has emerged between Kristie, John, Paula, and Nicole working together on staff.

Organizations grow in many ways, and we have long said that we’d like for Left Hand to grow organically–it’s amazing to see it happen. In the moment when we needed someone with gifts in communication, building connections and social media Nicole Vickey agreed to step in to help. Since May, Nicole has done so much to help us navigate the move to online worship and communication–organizing branches, overhauling our social media (a lot!), and even setting up a Left Hand swag shop! But, most importantly, she has served to nurture, encourage, and bless so many in our community. And Paula’s continued teaching, mentoring, and ministry expertise has been more important than ever as Left Hand grows and evolves during an incredibly challenging time.

In light of the ways that the leadership of Left Hand has evolved in a truly organic and beautiful way, the Leadership Council–at the request of and in conversation with Kristie and John, and agreed to by Paula and Nicole–has approved a Co-Pastor model in which Kristie, John, Paula, and Nicole serve as equal Co-Pastors with different areas of responsibility:

  • Kristie Sykes: Helps implement the vision of the church as determined by the Leadership Council, oversees church finances, manages operational tasks, helps organize community programming, leads in worship services, and provides pastoral care.
  • Nicole Vickey:  Helps implement the vision of the church as determined by the Leadership Council, coordinates church communications, helps organize  community programming and volunteers, leads in worship services, and provides pastoral care.
  • John Gaddis:  Helps implement the vision of the church as determined by the Leadership Council, coordinates the church’s teaching schedule, preaches regularly, and provides pastoral care.
  • Paula Williams: Helps implement the vision of the church as determined by the Leadership Council, coordinates the church’s teaching schedule, preaches regularly, oversees the church’s pastoral counseling, and provides pastoral care.

We are so blessed to have each one of these four gifted people who’ve responded to God’s call to offer their gifts, time, and love. We’re even more blessed to now also call Heatherlyn our Worship Pastor, and to have her working together with our pastoral team to collaborate on Saturday services, ministering to those in our community, and building a loving, welcoming community for everyone who chooses to call Left Hand their spiritual home. 

We want everyone who’s interested to be part of that conversation, so we’ve scheduled another Vision Night for Aug 11, 7pm-8pm on Zoom. Come say hello, share your ideas for what’s needed now in our community, ask questions, and hear from our leadership some of the priorities we want to focus on in the next year. It may not be a “new normal,” but, hey, being normal is pretty overrated anyway.

Updates From June Vision Night

Since our last Vision Night back in June, staff has been working hard to implement all of the great ideas for programming and gatherings, including:

Small Audience Services: We heard your desire to gather in person, safely. We have coordinated small audience services outside on the front lawn of the Gaddis family home for each of our local Branches. These will continue by general sign up until we can get back inside. Thanks for gathering with us in this weird season. And, John, thanks for the Gaddis Family hospitality!

Branches: Our small group program continues to grow and thrive. In addition to our South, Longmont and North Branches, we’ve added two new branches:

  • Link Branch: for our 20s/30s crowd, led by Andrea Alvarado, and
  • Virtual Branch: for our geographically remote and higher risk community members, led by Mike Blanco & Gae Allcock.

Youth Group: Under the leadership of our Youth Minister, Brittney Morrell, our Youth Group has an exciting new curriculum in place and plans for the Fall, kicking off on 8/13 with a pizza picnic. Learn more.

Anti Racism Group: Our Anti Racism Education & Action group, facilitated by Kristie Sykes, has been meeting twice a month with common assignments to view or read ahead of discussion. Thanks to our Worship Pastor, Heatherlyn, our group even had an author visit from Kerry Connelly, the author of Good White Racist? Confronting Your Role in Racial Injustice. Interested? Join us.

Book Study on Unclobber: This study, led by Paula Williams, has been our best attended book study yet! We were delighted to host a live Q&A with the author, Colby MartinWatch the Q&A here if you missed it!

Book Study on How to be an AntiracistJulie Hatfield will lead our new book study beginning in September, reading How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi.

New Ways To Support Left Hand: If you’ve loved all the great new community programming that we’ve had this summer, please consider supporting more to come via these four creative new ways to support Left Hand that Nicole Vickey has helped us roll out:

  • King Soopers Community Rewards Program: search for “Left Hand Community Church” or code: TK461 to select us as your cause of choice, and we receive  5% of your purchases to support our programming.
  • Amazon Smile Sign Up: Select Left Hand as your cause of choice, start all your normal Amazon purchases from, and we receive 0.5% of your purchases as a contribution.
  • Swag Shop: Get all your Left Hand logo-ed gear here. A portion of every purchase supports our programming!
  • Left Handers Day @ Parry’s Pizza: Let’s celebrate us! International Left Handers Day is observed annually on 8/13 to celebrate the “uniqueness and differences of the left handers”…and while we know we’re not exactly what they meant, we’re going with it!  Support Left Hand Church by ordering pizza from Parry’s in Longmont on Thursday, 8/13. Mention our Left Hand fundraiser when you order take-out or dine-in at Parry’s on 8/13 only, and 20% of sales will go to support Left Hand programming! Youth families: Bring your pizza to Flanders Park for a socially distant picnic!

Like any of what you read in this list? That’s because many of them were ideas raised up by all of you at our last Vision Night. 

Join us for our next Vision Night on Aug 11, 7-8pm MST via Zoom, and let’s see what we’re all envisioning for the season ahead.


Lonni Pearce
Leadership Council Co-chair
Left Hand Church