Meet Holly James

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Tell us your story.
I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio. My family all still lives there. My fiance Haley and I decided to move to the mountains last year to pursue a more active climate. I found a job at the Crocs headquarters as an Analytics Manager and a week later, we walked into Left Hand! 

I was adopted at birth, raised by a fantastic family, and have since been fortunate enough to experience much of life’s “things” throughout my short-ish life. My journey has been one that (maybe as many others think of their own) could truly be an interesting movie!  

From being an adopted kid, to being a youth retreat leader,  to getting my black belt, to playing college golf (TopGolf post-quarantine, anyone?!), to world travels, to mischief-helping teens through mental illness, to becoming a true corporate burnout…all while recently learning to adjust life with a chronic illness: my journey is diverse. It has given me more perspective and challenged more resilience from me than I could ever imagine. 

Here’s what I want Left Hand people to know: kind people are my kind of people. I thoroughly enjoy one-on-one, meaningful conversations!  I love getting coffee. I love new friends.  I have often been told I’m a pretty serious person, and that is probably sometimes all too true. But, I will always assume the best in others. I love talking business. I love talking tech. I’m an intellectual. I will always connect with chronic pain peeps.  And I’m all about pursuing the GOOD in life.  

What role does your faith play in your life during difficult times?
My relationship with God is like that person you feel entirely understood by to the core of your soul…if that makes any sense?  Think of that person in your life.  For me, that is my faith. 

What do your days look like under the stay at home orders?
Playing with our new pup, Granite, while trying to remember I actually have work to do.  I now work as a Product Manager at The Trade Desk, a tech company in Boulder. My day consists of many conference calls, managing teams building analytics “stuff” and planning for the future months of work!

One uplifting thing I’m proud of: potty training this crazy puppy! Lord, help us through teething. 

How are you staying connected to your loved ones and community?
The Houseparty app has been fun! Haley’s family uses Marco Polo (app) to leave each other messages throughout the day, so that we don’t feel like we have to be live on camera, but can still feel connected to everyone via video ‘voicemail’ messages. Definitely recommend!

What special skills, talents or expertise are you willing to share with our community? 
I play a wee bit of piano!

I can help out with technology of most kinds. 🙂

I’ve been through meeting biological relatives after being adopted.

I’ve been through many encounters with friends/family suffering from severe mental illness.

I love mentoring youth and would love to do that in this community at some point.

I can also make a mean buffalo chicken dip – so, there’s that.

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