Meet Justine Metz

Pronouns: She/her/hers

When did you start attending Left Hand?
I started attending Left Hand about nine months ago.

Tell us your story.
I’m from the Northeast.  I have lived in every state (including DC) from Maryland to Massachusetts with the exception of Delaware and New Jersey (where I worked for a bit).  I moved to Denver in 2015 and decided to never go back East to live again, even though I do have slight pangs of homesickness for the energy and vibrance of NYC from time to time.  I lived in NYC twice, mostly working on Wall Street. While I haven’t moved back East, I did decide to continue the journey West and spent the last two years in San Francisco.  Now, I’ve happily returned to Denver and am looking forward to settling here for the long haul.  All of the moving around was fun but there’s something really exciting to me about growing roots and settling in Colorado.  I guess that I have finally grown up!  

What does Left Hand mean to you? 
I work with Jenny, Mark and Rachael at Highlands Church in Denver and I am a big believer in change beginning with the individual.  Highlands helped to “plant’ Left Hand in order to spread the good work that they do.  Left Hand is emblematic to me of catalyzing positive change.  The more Highlands and Left Hands there are, the more every one of us can catalyze positive change for the good of the world and each other.  Good leads to more good.  

What special skills, talents or expertise are you willing to share with our community? 
I think big…sometimes, I’ll admit that, I boil the ocean.  BUT, I am a pragmatist as well.  Why does that matter for Left Hand?  Big thinking is just the other side of the belief coin in my view.  If we believe we can do something, we will.  If we want to change the world for the better then we have to believe that we can.  So…I’d like to think that a talent that I can bring to Left Hand is one whereby we collectively believe that we can make the world better and we go and do it.  Because, we can.  

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