Meet Our Budget: A Spending & Support Review

My name is Kristie Sykes, I’m an Associate Pastor at Left Hand Church. One of my duties is to stay on top of the budget and make sure we stay on track toward a healthy and thriving future. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share a budget update with you.

Spending: Overview

While we keep our budget very lean, it costs about $9800 per month to run

Left Hand. This includes:

  • ​a reasonable rent to Central Presbyterian Church
  • modest part time salaries to John, Paula, Nicole and me for things like preaching, pastoral care, communications and the day to day operations of the church and its programming
  • a modest stipend to Kimberly and Brittany for their dedication to our children/youth programming.
  • a salary for Heatherlyn for her magical music ministry
  • contractual pay to Jason who plays an invaluable support role in helping our virtual services look and sound amazing
  • about $1500/month in operating expenses for things like Quickbooks, advertising, audio/visual programs, fees for giving platforms, etc.  
  • a monthly tithe to Launchpad, a local church planting organization led by Aaron Bailey, one of our former pastors.

Support: Sister Church Support

It’s typical for a new church to depend on the support of outside supporting churches for the first three years. We are now into the third year of Left Hand, so our outside support will end this December. We’ve received a total of over $75,000 of support from Highlands Church in Denver, Denver Community Church and Forefront Church in Brooklyn. We are so grateful for the generous support they have provided.

Support: Interim Help During COVID-19

We are also fortunate that the Payroll Protection Plan loan program from the US government was made available to church, and we were able to receive $15,000 through that program, which will not have to be repaid. The timing of that income was critically important, since it coincided with the time in which we have not been able to meet in person.

Support: Individual Giving 

Our current monthly giving averages around $6800. To continue to operate at our current budget, we will need to raise an additional $2700 per month by July of 2021, one year from now, when our current reserves have been depleted. The good news is that it would only take ten families giving an additional $50.00 a week to close the gap.

How You Can Help

We ask that you help us in this endeavor — our people are our biggest resource, and we need your financial support but also your willingness to invite friends and neighbors into our community. 

Right now, that looks like:

  • sharing our live steam services with friends who might be interested in our church community
  • inviting friends who have enjoyed watching our services to participate in our virtual programming, such as our book and bible studies
  • including a friend in our Branch programs if they are ready to take that next step of being part of our church community

We know many have been financially impacted by COVID and want to mention that we do have a small benevolence fund that is dedicated to helping our community members in times of need. Please always feel free to reach out to me at if our church can be of support to you in this challenging time.

Big Picture & Thank You 

We are really looking forward to joining faith communities all over the world as we create a new normal.  While none of us know exactly what that looks like, we do know the God who guides our steps and guarantees our future. This is an exciting time of change and growth for our growing church. We sincerely thank all who give their time and talent and for all who join us weekly for worship. We are blessed!