What’s bringing you joy?

It’s easy to focus on fear and uncertainty in today’s world of social isolation and self-quarantine. However, there are inevitably silver linings and we, the Gaddis Family (John, Kate, Grant (15) and Clare (12)), thought it would be fun to tell you a few of the things that have brought us joy recently. So without further ado, here’s our family’s list:

• Not having to set an alarm to wake up in the morning (family)
• Having John’s undivided attention to finally get a chance to talk through every…single….issue….ever….conceived (Kate with editing of this bullet point by John)
• Getting a skateboard and learning to ollie for the first time (Clare)
• Ordering carryout from Tacos Don Jose (which we affectionately have labelled “D….J….Tacos!” in the voice of DJ Khaled) (family)
• “Grinding away” on video games (Grant and Clare)
• Adopting “airport rules” when it comes to meal schedule (family)
• Working on NFL mock drafts (John and Grant)
• Organizing old football, basketball, and baseball cards (John)
• Laughing at Gal Gadot’s celebrity-infused version of “Imagine” (John)
• Watching virtual concerts (family)
• Feeling like we’re in “Little House on the Prairie” every time we make our own coffee (John and Kate)
• Watching the TV show Impractical Jokers (family)
• Making homemade churros (Clare)
• Listening to the Brene Brown podcast while walking the neighborhood with the dogs (Kate)
• Finishing schoolwork by noon (Grant and Clare)
• Finishing Tiger King on Netflix (John and Kate)
• Using meth after watching Tiger King on Netflix (just checking to see if you’re still reading!)
• Learning about Lil’ Huddy, the Hype House and TikTok from Clare (John)
• Not having to watch baseball (John)
• Sitting around the dinner table and talking, and not having to worry about the next practice, appointment or homework assignment (family)
• Making up new reasons to get off the phone instead of “I’ve got to run!” (John and Kate)
• Alphabetizing the spice rack (Kate)
• Playing with Zoom backgrounds so that John looks like he’s on the set of the Office (John)
• Compiling this list (family).

We pray that you can find things in your life that bring you joy, or at least enough self-awareness and self-deprecation that you can laugh about the monotony of today’s world. We are so grateful to be part of a community where we can share the joys, and more importantly the struggles, that self-isolation can bring. We’d love to hear about any small joys that you have found during this period --- feel free to share them on the Left Hand facebook page.