Introducing Left Hand Branches

Dear Left Handers,
During the 2013 floods, as much of our community was submerged, I learned something I will never forget and I believe it applies to us today. As a stay-at-home-mom with youngish kids, I was not able to do much. Eric’s business had some damage and we were evacuated from our home, but we were spared much of the awful devastation that many experienced.
In order to stave off hopelessness, I knew I needed to do something. And I did. We housed a friend and did some cleanup in the community. I offered what I could. While it didn’t feel like enough, considering the magnitude of the devastation, I gave what I could. And we received what we needed. That was the hardest part.
These are unprecedented times. We at Left Hand are professionals at community. We have this down pat. And now we are faced with an opportunity. While we cannot predict what is on the horizon, I believe we can find hope in the relationships we have forged together. Some of us will need much and some of us will need little. Some of us can give much and some of us can give little. This is perfect and as it should be, allowing the incredible economy of the Kingdom of God to do its miraculous work.
Friends, we know how to love well. This love is now our opportunity.
Jesus shared with his disciples in John 15:5: I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.
As the hands and feet of Jesus, we are trusting in our True Vine. As the branches we are launching a new program, The Branches of Left Hand Church.
Here’s how it works: Left Handers will be grouped with their geographic neighbors. The regions are: Boulder, Louisville/Lafayette/Erie, Lyons/West Longmont/Niwot, Central Longmont, East Longmont, Loveland/Ft. Collins, Denver & Other.  Each region has been assigned a point person, or Branch Leader, who will facilitate conversation and connection via text, email, Skype, etc. We are hoping this will be a place you can check in with one another, offer a grocery store run, receive a grocery store run, offer wellness updates, provide encouragement, and tell stupid dad jokes. We are hopeful that each person will give and receive as they are able, while also serving to remind one another that we are not alone in this.
Please complete this Left Hand Branches Form.  Once we have this information, we’ll forward your information to your applicable Branch Leader.  Your Branch Leader will then organize electronic communication and electronic check-in methods, via text and/or email.  Thank you for loving and supporting your neighbors during this difficult time. 
We love you all,
Jen Jepsen
Kristie Sykes
John Gaddis