Meet Rick Kennedy

Preferred Pronouns: He/him/his
When did you start attending Left Hand?
I’ve been at Left Hand since the Saturday services began in February 2018. 
Tell us your story. What do you want the rest of Left Hand to know about you?
I am originally from Ohio. My wife Annette  and I  settled in Colorado as empty nesters in January 2002, after I retired from military service and took a position as the lab specialist for a dental prosthetic practice in Boulder.  I have been with the practice for 18 years now. 
Annette and I live in Longmont.  We have been married for 42 years and are  very excited to have recently become grandparents.
What does Left Hand mean to you? 
Being at Left Hand has changed my life. The preaching, teaching, worship and getting to know folks this past two years has been wonderful. To me, Left Hand is what a Christian church should be. The ethos says it clearly to me that Left Hand is a fully inclusive community of faith, one family, where all can give, receive, live and love without labels. It is where I want to be. 
What special skills, talents or expertise are you willing to share with our community? 
My skills, talents and expertise best relate to a desire to help wherever needed.  Throughout my career in the Army, Air Force  and Navy I served as a care provider, teacher, counselor and supervisor.  I want to be a  support to the leadership and church family in any way that I can. 

Rick’s profile is part of a new, on-going blog series aimed to help Left Hand members get to know each other better, as well as share our stories and gifts.