Meet Heidi Hostetter

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When did you start attending Left Hand? 

I’ve been attending Left Hand since May 2019.

Tell us your story. What do you want the rest of Left Hand to know about you? 

I have always been a very faith-bound gal.  However, I always felt conflicted because of my lifestyle and some of my beliefs.  I had convinced myself I could manage those until I had children. Then I realized that attending Catholic church every Saturday night wasn’t going to cut it, and that if I wanted to raise my child (my youngest) in a home where there was no shame around sexuality and identity that I needed to make different choices.  

I had heard of Highlands for years from various different friends in Denver, but I couldn’t justify or schedule in a half day plus every weekend to do the trek to Denver.  So I wasn’t married to the idea, but definitely missing the structure and comfort that attending church gave me weekly.  

Then during a very tumultuous summer a dear friend of mine, Justine Metz, mentioned that I might really enjoy attending Left Hand Church in Longmont and would I agree to meet her for dinner and go to this church service with her.  “Yes of course!” was my answer. I am so forever grateful that she asked, that I went, and that Lefthand was the place for me and my son, Spencer. 

What does Left Hand mean to you? 

It’s my permission to practice my faith on a weekly basis with a community that is safe and allows me the opportunity to do so. I am excited every week that the scheduling works out that I can attend.  It means the world to me!!!

What special skills, talents or expertise are you willing to share with our community? 

Oh goodness my strengths…..

  • I feel as though I am a fairly talented business woman.
  • I feel that I have a special knack with kids.  Not all, but most.
  • I can tell you that you would never want to rely on my singing, good looks or charm for anything (ha).