Meet Regis Schoedel

Preferred Pronouns: He/him/his

When did you start attending Left Hand? I’ve been attending Left Hand since May 2018.

Tell us your story. What do you want the rest of Left Hand to know about you? I’m from Estes Park, and I moved to Lyons with my spouse just before the 2013 flood. We bought our current home in Longmont in July 2015. 

We were searching for a place to worship as a family with our 1st grade daughter and toddler son (my wife is a pastor so Sunday mornings were out). We found Left Hand’s service on Saturday night through a new friend. 

Songs like “Move when the Spirit says move” and connecting to sermons about keeping faith in the dark, even on crazy Jeep trails, had me hooked. Left Hand Church has been a retreat away from my daily demands, it’s a place we can come happy or broken. Heatherlyn’s songs resonate through our bodies while singing and throughout the week. Spending time in scripture when listening to the sermons has made me smile, laugh, cry and contemplate. 

What does Left Hand mean to you?  Left Hand Church is a place of healing where I leave with new centered priorities and a feeling of Love. 
What special skills, talents or expertise are you willing to share with our community?  I was raised Roman Catholic and grew up serving Communion and Ushering. When I attended Trinity UMC in Denver I was on staff as maintenance and security. I enjoy working with electronics technology and listening to live music. 

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