Left Hand

Mama, why are they always talking about 
who sits at the right hand of God? 
Doesn’t anyone sit on his left?
You are left handed, right?
You always say someone
who loves you extra
has to sit there
so they won’t mind all the elbow bumps. 
Maybe he leaves that spot open
for someone who doesn’t have 
anyone left to sit next to?
Like you always tell me to do 
on the first day of school? 
Sweet, sweet thing.
That sounds like
a God I can believe in:
a left-handed space saver
who calls you out
says, look, this space
I saved it for you
just exactly as you are.
who loves you closer when you feel 
ugly and weak.
who lifts up your hair when
all you can do
is vomit back up
the hurt the world has fed you
and lie still,
hoping to escape more pain.
I’ve lost too many hearts
in the thinking that
they didn’t have anyone
left to sit next to.
Maybe we should be that space. 
Come sit next to me.