Looking Forward

Dear Left Hand Church Family,

As you heard on Saturday, November 2, or if you missed it, Left Hand Church is excited to announce some new changes happening.

The late Rachel Held Evans in her book “Searching for Sunday” left us this simple yet remarkable quote:

This is what God’s kingdom is like: a bunch of outcasts and oddballs gathered at a table, not because they are rich or worthy or good, but because they are hungry, because they said yes. And there’s always room for more.

We as Left Hand Church pastors and Leadership Council have not only experienced this beautiful table, we know many of you have too. Some of us, in our old religious worlds, longed for this portrayal of God’s kingdom before we could put words to what we were missing.

Oftentimes these longings bubbled up in conversations asking questions with safe people who shared similar sentiments. Some of us had to speak in hushed tones. Others of us were ghosted from our congregations. And still others knew what The Church needed to be and stayed far, far away. Whatever your reason for being at Left Hand, we hope and pray you are fully loved and known as you are designed.

This is the good work we are called to as a church. As a place with a big, wide, long table that matches the big, wide, long love of God, we get to do this most important work of loving God, loving others, and loving ourselves in community. Together. It’s way more fun that way.

Our Left Hand table is filled with plenty of both grace and wonder. As we anticipate our second birthday, we have great cause for celebration. Planting a church while harrowing at times, is an exercise in abundance. The Holy Spirit showed up at the beginning, before we knew our name, and she’s still showing up – leading, comforting, moving. She has delivered joy through shared meals and laughter and honest conversations. She’s in the middle of coffee meetings and Leadership Council meetings. She is ever-present, and we are grateful.

This Left Hand body is a healthy body and healthy bodies are always changing. As Left Hand Leadership, we believe we are being led into a new and abundant future. Through many weeks and hours of prayer and careful consideration the Left Hand pastors and Leadership Council are excited about some new changes that are happening. 

When this church started, Paula had no idea of the responsibilities that were going to fall to her on issues related to gender equity and LGTBQ rights.  She cannot deny the call to speak broadly around the country to these important issues, but she also realizes she cannot do so while remaining in her current role at Left Hand.  Therefore, as of December 31, she will move from the role of co-pastor to Teaching Pastor. You’ll still see her preaching, as you always have, but because of her travel and speaking schedule, her other responsibilities with the church will be limited.

We were thrilled when Aaron Bailey joined us to start Left Hand.  Even though we always knew his time with us might be limited because of the strong call he felt to start a national movement of churches, we knew his expertise was critically important to get the church underway.  Now that those initial objectives have been achieved, Aaron has decided it is time to devote his full time to his role as Founding Director of Launchpad Partners. He will be leaving us as of December 31, but we look forward to partnering with him in seeing additional churches like Left Hand started all over the country.

We always knew we’d love to hire additional pastors from within.  We have been thrilled to have so many wonderful volunteers willing to work so hard to make this church a thriving reality.  We are pleased to announce that two of them have agreed to join the Left Hand staff as part-time pastors. Kristie Sykes and John Gaddis, two of our Leadership Council members, will be leaving the council to transition into pastoral roles starting January 1, 2020. We will share more of their specific roles in the near future, but suffice it to say we are excited to have them join the Left Hand staff.

This church was born from a growing vision that Jen held for months. She knew Boulder County needed a place with a long, wide table – where anybody can come, and anybody can be known and loved by a gracious God. When she finally uttered the words: “I need to start a church”, this took her on a roundabout journey that collected Paula, Aaron, and a few supporting churches, along with our intrepid Leadership Council. While she didn’t think she was prepared to plant AND pastor, she now recognizes this call in her life as essential. So now, instead of dreaming about church Jen is moving out of the co-pastor role into a Lead Pastor role. She accepts this call with excitement, trembling, humility, and deep gratitude.

Your leaders are grateful. We have witnessed so much goodness in this process, knowing that while change is hard it is necessary. We welcome your questions, thoughts, and concerns. We are available to you electronically and in-person. And all of us hope that we can navigate these new chapters with care and generosity for one another.

Will you pray for the Left Hand Leadership as we navigate these changes?

Will you pray for the work Left Hand Church is doing and called to do in our community?

Will you pray for what time, talents, and treasure God invites you to bring to the table at Left Hand or in the larger community?

Thank you for your love for Left Hand Church. Thank you for participating in this feast, for lending your plenty and your abundance. Thank you for your grace and your love.

We love you,

The Left Hand Church Pastors & Leadership Council