What a Week

Early Sunday morning, CENTRALongmont was vandalized, resulting in a significant amount of fire damage. Thankfully the building will be fine, the sprinklers kicked on immediately and spared the church from further damage.

We are grateful to CENTRALongmont for their leadership and grounding in this difficult time. 

At this point, we know three things: the suspect is in custody; he admitted to the vandalism; and he is a member of the Recovery Cafe. Beyond these details we have nothing concrete, including a motive. We are respecting and submitting to the leadership of CENTRAL and to the City of Longmont as they continue their investigation.

As far as the facility is concerned, CENTRAL has resumed their operations and will celebrate the church’s 150th anniversary this upcoming weekend.  The Recovery Cafe is planning to re-open Thursday, and Left Hand Church will meet as usual on Saturday. 

What can we do as a church? We keep doing what we do best. We remember how fortunate we are, thankful for the goodness of CENTRAL and their generosity to our fledgling congregation. We can pray for CENTRAL as they navigate the restoration of their building and their call to the Longmont community.  And we Left Handers, we continue to love well – loving God, loving others and loving ourselves.

As people who follow the person of Jesus Christ, seeking to be love in our community we ask that you keep CENTRAL, Left Hand, Recovery Cafe, the City of Longmont, and the suspect in your prayers

If for any reason this has brought up questions, pain, or confusion please don’t hesitate to reach out, and if you’d like, please reach out to one of us – to Paula, Aaron, or Jen.

Thank you for being you. It is good to do this work together.