Summer Camp Shenanigans

We have our First Annual Left Hand Summer Camp under our belts. This past week Christy Estoll, Kristie Sykes and Sarah Clark pulled off the greatest inaugural Summer Camp ever. Held in the beautiful Golden Gate State Park, thirty or so Left Handers gathered together with tents and sleeping bags to rough-it in the Colorado wilderness. It was an event to behold.

By Sunday evening everyone was settled in. After craft time and a delicious dinner of Frito Pie, we moved right into our campfire time. As Bryan Pearce played the guitar, leading us in some tunes, children and teens milled about. S’mores and stories punctuated the chilling night air as we gazed at the stars and poked the fire.

For some, sleep came easy, and for others – not so much. It’s always fun when you have to squat in the night only to be greeted by an enthusiastic puppy at 2:30 A.M. The little one was promptly enclosed in Paula’s tent. Dare I say more?

Coffee and tea greeted the steady stream of bedheaded campers early on Monday, followed by delicious build-your-own breakfast burritos. The sun rose fast and warmed us all. A few chose to hike while others returned to the comfort of their tents for a mid-morning snooze.

Sandwich fixings were laid out for lunch. And the afternoon was filled with more napping, hiking, and game playing. 

Soon, it was time. Christy made the announcement, kicking off our First Annual Summer Camp Luau. Luanne the beautiful, majestic Pigyata (thank you Rowan for coining the term) presided over our gathering of pork and rice bowls. All of us donned our grass skirts and leis quickly succumbing to the party spirit. After Luanne was destroyed into pink little pigyata bits we built our own ice cream and/or piña colada desserts, a perfect way to cap off a delightful party.

We settled once again around the fire, enjoying the Colorado starry sky while sharing harrowing tales of ghosts and death defying activities. Relishing the beauty of community and creation, the Left Handed spirit of generosity held us together in her firm, yet gentle grasp. 

Thank you Christy, Kristie, Sarah for being the best kind of church ladies. Thank you Eric for your generous support and ample equipment. Thank you Peter for always being available. Thank you kids for making us laugh. Thank you puppies for being our therapy. Thank you Cameron for requiring our bathrooms be gender neutral. Thank you to everyone who made this such a special time to gather and remember the important things in our oft busy lives.

I am honored to be one of your pastors.