Left Hand Church
Left Hand Church

We're a new, non-denominational, fully inclusive church meeting every Saturday at 5pm at 402 Kimbark Street in Longmont.

Left Hand Church

Happy Birthday Left Handers!

Jennifer JepsenJennifer Jepsen

What a year it’s been. Thank you all of you for entrusting your Saturday evenings to us. Like any good thing this year has been filled with a host of surprises. The greatest surprise of all is how beautiful we are. Not that I didn’t think we would be. To hold a vision with great fear and trembling and to watch it realized is precious. I would call it joy.

As we project forward into our next year of life I am looking forward to our continued growth as a congregation. Sure, growth in numbers would be awesome. But my hope is to watch our relationships continue to blossom and deepen as we come to a greater understanding of Love within our community.

I am experiencing something in church I don’t think I’ve ever experienced.

I am experiencing joy.

I am moved and encouraged by your stories - both victorious and difficult. You do hard things and emerge on the other side. None of this is easy but all of it is beautiful.

I am grateful for your generosity. You give in good ways. You say Yes! with enthusiasm and care. You honor yourselves through your commitment to us.

My daughter this week said, “Mom! Our church is such a happy place.” I agree with her. Every week I am amazed at how good we are together.

Thank you to each and every one of you for bringing your light and your dark. Thank you for showing me what it means to persist despite the pain.

Happy birthday.

I love you.