We’re W/

A few years ago, before Left Hand Church was started, a few isolated but similar churches from around the country banded together. It’s lonely being the only church in your town that’s post-evangelical, progressive, and inclusive — and the need for community pushed these churches to join together.

It’s out of that new tribe that Left Hand Church was born. Highlands Church, Denver Community Church, and Forefront Brooklyn are all supporters of Left Hand Church, but also all belong to this network. Ryan Gear, a member of the network, spent the day with Paula and me downloading the wealth of his experience in how to start a new church “on the cheap.” She Is Called, also part of this network, have given Jen and Paula a place to grow in community with other female leaders.

A few months ago, this network relaunched into With Collective, or W/ for short. 

To quote the website: “We’re a collective of empathy building faith organizations — churches, artists, thinkers, content providers, and organizers actively exploring faith and creating in it. W/ is the connective space that supports and amplifies the projects within it.”

Paula serves on the board of W/ and summarized why she’s W/:

Humans are made for community. We operate best when the tribe of which we are a part is aligned with our deepest values and desires. So it is with the With Collective. Hundreds of individuals and churches, who once wandered the wilderness, alone, have found one another and started journeying together. Whether it is Launchpad, our joint church starting initiative, or She Is Called, our vibrant women’s initiative, W/ is my place – post-evangelicals who value local church autonomy, vibrant contemporary worship, dynamic children’s programming and progressive theology. It is great to find fellow travelers on the journey who are committed to doing justice, loving kindness and walking humbly with God.

W/’s first National Gathering is being held November 13-15 in Denver. All are welcome to register. Use coupon code “friends” for 20% off your registration.