We Are a Proud Family

I spent Sunday, September 8 with a few other Left Handers at Boulder’s Pridefest. The day was bright and cheery, filled with all the colors of the rainbow. Our church booth was off to the side, apart from the main corridor of local businesses and charities, but as we settled up against a lovely tree, the quiet was a welcome respite to the busyness of the festivities.

Moving into the afternoon and evening hours, the crowds dwindled as the day heated. Long stretches of time passed with few visitors. The enthusiasm of the afternoon’s slate of volunteers – the Three Superfast Gay Unicorns, plus Luna the dog – helped me get through my personal Sunday afternoon lull.

Taking in the scene, I reminisced on how far I’ve come over the years. My family has grown and expanded to include so much beauty and variety. The people in my life are delightful, filled with joy and wonder and delight. And the Pride events are an illustration of this same spectrum of generous inclusion and joy, an expansive space for the wider LGBTQ+ family to join and celebrate community.

As we continue in our Ethos Series, we are learning what it means to be a family together at Left Hand Church. And regardless of where each of us come from, we get to learn what family looks like in the context of our community. Learning and growing alongside one another in the generous work of inclusion and joy is the good work we get to do. 

Throughout the Pride event people trickled over to the booth asking what kind of church we are. Some were relieved when I said the words Non-denominational and Christian, and others cried knowing there was a place for them in Boulder County. And still others upon hearing the word Christian responded with a sharp: I ——ing hate Christians.

Most families get to also do the difficult work of reconciliation. That’s why we’re here, to offer a place of respite and relief for all the damage people who claim the name of Christian have done over the years. 

I must say how honored I am to be part of this family. You love us well with your stories of success and struggle. Thank you for entrusting us with your honesty, your laughter and pain.

May we move forward with humility and gentleness in this mighty work of love and grace.