And What About Fear?

We are in a new sermon series at Left Hand called “Lessons from the Trail”. I preached this past weekend about my family’s harrowing Jeep ride through the Rocky Mountains in the dark. I’m full of trail stories, and as I begin to plan out my next sermons, I realized something. All of my trail stories, whether it’s Jeeping or backpacking or hiking are about my fear.

Fear is a regular participant in our lives isn’t it? Some of us have it more than others. In fact, I’m staring at a pile of items I must stuff in a backpack before Thursday. Three friends and I are embarking on our annual backpacking trip to the same wilderness as our Jeep adventure. Our first trip, six years ago had me crafting escape routes as raindrops tinkled on our tent. I was overwhelmed with fear, imagining scenarios of flood and broken limbs and deranged killers. None of these came true, however, as we escaped the wilderness with only blisters, body odor, and fond memories. 

Fear thrives in the darkness, dissipating with the light of information, knowledge, and truth. As we gain experience and perspective, fear fails to hold the power it once did.

I had coffee with a friend this week. She told me about her life and the things she and her family are facing. I sat with awe, wondering how in the world she was not rocking back and forth sucking her thumb in the corner. She said, “I just have to focus on each day. I cannot think much about the future.” I think many of us can agree this is not groundbreaking information, but in that moment it was my lifeline. 

We have today, this moment, to do what we need to do. Whatever is occurring in our homes, our newsfeeds, in the world and in our nation, we have our work to do here and now. Today. In this moment. With our people. Owning what we can own. None of this is small and none of this is insignificant. In fact, it might be our hope.

Do not listen to the lies of significance or success. Do what is in front of you today. Love who you love. Be who you are. And remember: “…do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

I’ll miss you this Saturday, but know I will be nestled perfectly in the beauty of creation – restoring and resting in the most important and good work of living life.

I love you all.