Left Hand Church
Left Hand Church

We're a new, non-denominational, fully inclusive church meeting every Saturday at 5pm at 402 Kimbark Street in Longmont.

Left Hand Church

Recapping Our First Get to Know

Jennifer JepsenJennifer Jepsen

The first ever Get To Know Left Hand event was held this past Saturday night. After a beautiful and life-giving time of worship we all filed into the Fellowship Hall for pizza, salad, Nana cookies (in the name of our friend, Barbara Paul), and conversation about this growing Left Handed family.

Paula, Aaron, and I each shared our hearts for this place and we shared how we each got here, what brought some of us back to church, and what brought some of us to the crazy notion of starting this thing. Paula filled us in on the Leadership Council structure and some of the details that only a seasoned church planter knows to relay. Aaron outlined budgetary needs and gratitude for such a generous bunch of people. And I shared what my heart looks like in the areas of social justice and needs for our children and youth.

I was struck by something greater, however. We are becoming a family. We are learning what it means to become a body of people working together to make the world a better place. We are discovering a heartbeat in this community that thrums with excitement for the future, seeking sustenance for our becoming. We are growing together, learning the rhythms of grace.

For any who would like to join us for a Get To Know Left Hand event, we will host another in July. If you feel like you’d like to attend again, maybe you have questions that arise or you just want to hang with your fellow Left Handers, you are welcome.

As we move to become a church for Boulder County, may we seek to listen and learn from one another, tending to our own needs and to the needs of others. May we move in the way of Jesus. In the way of Love.