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We're a new, non-denominational, fully inclusive church meeting every Saturday at 5pm at 402 Kimbark Street in Longmont.

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Hello from Highlands Church

Aaron BaileyAaron Bailey

The following was written by Jenny Morgan, of Highlands Church, one of Left Hand Church's supporting churches.


Dear Friends at Left Hand Church,

We’re so glad you’re in this world at the same time that we’re in this world!

I’m Jenny, one of the Co-Pastors at Highlands Church in Denver and we feel proud to be one of your sister churches. This year your church was born out of a desire and a need for more Christ-centered communities of faith that lovingly open their doors and their hearts to all of God’s children.

That’s the same DNA from which Highlands Church was born 9 years ago. Our shared DNA creates safe space in the Church for anyone who is curious about God. The world needs more safe places where we can ask questions, explore our doubts and our faith, and serve the world God loves.

We see God moving in your love for your community and your love for each other. And we’re feelin’ it at Highlands too. Last month, through our work with a local, grassroots refugee resettlement agency: the ACC (African Community Center http://www.acc-den.org), I got to spent time with 6-year old Abiel and his Dad, Tagas from Eritrea. They have been in the States for 3 days, speak no English, and are just beginning to create a new life together. They had been living in refugee camps, separated from one another for a long time. We’re grateful to be building relationships with the ACC and the people they serve.

Real relationships are where our work begins and real relationships are the goal to which we are always moving. Relationships take time and energy and a willingness to move toward people who aren’t “like us.” It’s what Jesus did! And it’s what you’re doing too.

We feel grateful to serve alongside you. At Highlands Church we celebrate your presence in the world. We love seeing the good that’s coming out of Longmont as you pursue God’s dreams for your community.

May the presence and love of Christ be felt deeply in our churches.

Together with you,

Jenny Morgan
Co-Pastor Highlands Church