With Thanks for Left Hand’s First Month

So, as Left Hand Church we have our first month of real church under our belts. 

How does it feel?

What are your thoughts?

I can tell you mine. It’s AMAZING! I love our little Left Handed space. I love the feeling in the room. I love the music from both Heatherlyn and Justin. I love preaching and listening to Paula. I love our time of communion together and I love greeting you each at the door. I love how Aaron holds us all together and how Kimberly tirelessly cares for our children. I love the kindness of Central Longmont, for their generous provision. And I love the faithful wisdom of our Leadership Council. I love our network of supporting churches, helping us do this most important work of figuring out Love.

What a pleasure it is to gather together on Saturday nights.

I had no idea it would be this good. The expression of love and generosity each week overwhelms my soul. Truly Left Hand Church is beautiful.

We know we aren’t perfect. We know the church isn’t perfect, but from our perspective, we find this expression to be so wonderful.

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for being honest and generous and kind with us as we make mistakes. Thank you for your donations of time, energy, money, prayers. Thank you for your dedication to making this space what church needs to be in our world.

With the contentious climate we find ourselves in, Left Hand is one of my spaces of respite. I know we are building the Kingdom of God. I know we are dispensing love into the world and into one another. I know any work we put into our little body is holy.

Thank you to each one of you for giving us a chance, for believing in the vision of this Left Handed Life. Thank you for joining us when your able and offering yourselves to us. 

I can’t think of a better way to spend my Saturday nights.