Left Hand Church
Left Hand Church

We're a new, non-denominational, fully inclusive church meeting every Saturday at 5pm at 402 Kimbark Street in Longmont.

Hello, Longmont!

Jennifer JepsenJennifer Jepsen

On two separate days in spring 2016 I walked the streets that make up our downtown in Longmont. Terry, Coffman, Main, Kimbark, Collyer. Up and down, north to south and south to north from Third to Longs Peak. I listened for the vibration, the thrum of my city. My town for sixteen years came alive before my eyes.

I knew Longmont needed an inclusive faith community. One of generous grace and abounding love for all. I knew we needed a progressive evangelical space, not unlike our Highlands Church in Denver. We wanted to extract as much of the DNA from Highlands that we could get our hands on, but first I needed to infuse myself with the pulse of my own community.

A couple things struck me in this walking. My desire emerged. A larger vision for our church began to take shape. I wanted a space to meet in this five street section, where the heart of this community throbs. I wanted a space of substance, a space known, a space with history.

Stopping off at Winchells to chat up locals and earn my family’s love, I carried my doughnuts along the final street. I listened to the clamor of a town awakening on a lazy Saturday -- the sweep of sidewalks, the rattle of gates, the plod of runners. I longed with all my heart to be here. To stake our claim as a congregation.

As things go, oftentimes the proposed and desired path diverts and winds and travails through the nebulous land of other possibilities pulling us away from our original ideas because we have to learn and grow and become before we are ready to claim that which is. Hearts and minds deserve preparation. Our path required us to learn and grow and become as a team, as a staff, as leaders of this fresh new faith community. After nearly signing on the dotted line for another beloved location, we were brought back.

Strolling with doughnuts in hand, I paused before the majestic, historic church on the corner of 4th and Kimbark. I whispered a daring, long-shot, question-shaped prayer: Could this be possible?

Little did I know, twenty months later on January 13, 2018, we will meet in this place for the first time as Left Hand Community Church.

Thank you to CENTRAL Longmont for having us. Thank you for believing in us, for grasping our vision. Thank you for desiring a partnership with us, for longing to love our community well - together.

Thank you to our fellow Left Handers. Thank you for trusting us, too. We can’t wait to see what you will do.

And thank you God for your generous faithfulness. You are so very good.